iOS 17 Emojis: Emojis Becoming a Design System

Ahead of World Emoji Day in 2023, Emojipedia has prepared a candidate for Unicode approval in September. Emojipedia has created its own sample to check out the change, which will be added to Apple's iOS 17.

It includes a face shaking its head, a phoenix, a lime, and a mushroom, as well as emojis depicting a variety of family members, and emojis including a person's full body that can be used on both the left and right sides.

👁️ Designer Eye


As you can see from Google's recently released 'Emoji Kitchen', existing emojis are combined to express new emojis. If the OS does not have new emojis registered, the two existing emojis will be displayed.

These joins are created with a Zero Width Joiner. Also known as 'zwidge', it is not an emoji and has no shape itself. Part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added in Emoji 11.0 in 2018.


The noticeable change is the expression of direction. For a long time, emojis could only be used in a fixed orientation. The person running always ran to the left. You can now add directions to existing emojis to change the direction they move.


Not only the direction of movement but also the cultural characteristics of facial movements expressing positivity and negativity were taken into consideration. Nodding your head up and down means 'yes' in Korea, but in Bulgaria it means 'no'.


Among the newly added emojis, lime and mushroom are emojis that combine colors with existing emojis. You can add green to yellow limes or brown to red mushrooms. In addition, various family forms are expressed in silhouettes that do not indicate gender.

📕 Editor's Notes

Rather than inputting all images separately like Chinese characters, a system is being developed that combines existing keywords to express images. Although it is a technology that already existed, emojis are gradually taking the form of a design library that is widely used in UI.

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