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iOS 18: Customize your home

iOS 18 was released at WWDC24. In addition to the experience being enhanced with Apple Intelligence, there have been major changes to the UI. Home screen, controls

Insight Notes

How to reduce hurt at work

When a company aims for outstanding achievement, it is inevitable that there will be conflict. I end up in conflict with people, organizations, and even myself.

Why focus on being controlled?

The world is full of things that cannot be done as you wish. The more complex the problem and the more participants there are, the more difficult it is to achieve the desired results. Chop up the cause

Why create a design system?

Many of you have probably heard, “We’re busy, so let’s take care of the design later.” But usually that later time doesn't come. more for customers

source of inspiration

Tokyo, their own good

Cute little spaces As soon as I arrived at the accommodation, I went into a nearby izakaya. The grilled skewers were really delicious. I used to not be able to eat liver.

Bordeaux, the city of time

From Paris we took the train to Bordeaux. To be honest, I didn't even know where Bordeaux was in France. vaguely a city of wine