Insight Notes

How to reduce hurt at work

When a company aims for outstanding achievement, it is inevitable that there will be conflict. I end up in conflict with people, organizations, and even myself.

Why focus on being controlled?

The world is full of things that cannot be done as you wish. The more complex the problem and the more participants there are, the more difficult it is to achieve the desired results. Chop up the cause

Why create a design system?

Many of you have probably heard, “We’re busy, so let’s take care of the design later.” But usually that later time doesn't come. more for customers

Why design with data?

Data for greater success Everyone tells us to design with data. Wherever you go, have you ever had experience improving design with data?

Make change yours

Knowledge changes faster than I learn. New knowledge emerges that makes existing knowledge meaningless.

the joy of designing

When coaching, I am sometimes asked why I chose design and how I continue to design. I thought about it myself.

Conditions of an excellent leader

Leaders, people who lead These days, while collaborating with various companies, I often meet people who have difficulty leading. Those who took charge of the team for the first time

About design strategy

I try to organize my thoughts one by one. When I write, I have a habit of connecting paragraphs to form a complete structure. This is a post containing my thoughts.

How to see the truth behind the numbers

There is a service with 1 million MAU. That's a huge number. This means that 1 million people use the service every month. However, out of 1 million people, 99% use the app.

Am I really 'thinking'?

“Concepts without intuition are empty, and intuition without concepts is blind. “ Immanuel Kant, From the Critique of Pure Reason We think all day long.