[Package] The immutable law of UI design: Design based on principles, not intuition

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Characteristics of the river

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Why Apple, Airbnb, and Toss are loved

Simple and beautiful design

Which design do you like better?

Good design exists for a reason.

High-level design with solid theory

Create a beautiful and functional UI with logical design

The most asked question while coaching 100 people

From non-major students to senior designers

From a designer who couldn't pay for a room to a head of design

I organized the way I grew up.

Testimonials from students who have found a design direction

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Characteristics of the river


Lectures with images and text that can be learned faster than videos

Scroll through and search comfortably.


Take a quiz to see if I really know

Use your knowledge to remember it.


Create assignments like a job and receive feedback like a job

Get detailed reviews from experts.


Whenever you get stuck, ask questions in a convenient way

Feel free to ask questions via email, comments, or chat.


Close teaching & coaching by an expert with 16 years of experience

Based on experience leading design for companies with 1 to 200 employees


Pay once, keep it for life, now is the lowest price

Prices will increase each time a LV 5 Component, LV 6 Pattern lesson chapter is fully released.


Class package that contains everything about UI

A package that brings together all the knowledge you need to know

special present


Short, frequent lecture updates

Design Compass is serious about design. monthly updates


A variety of ready-to-use design libraries

Including paid digital products


Refund review event until October 30th

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LV 1. General

Let's start by learning what a user interface is.





LV 2. Graphic

Learn the principle of good eyesight.





LV 3. Composition

Learn the principles of combining visual elements.





LV 4. Interaction

Learn about the dynamic interaction between users and design.

information structure




LV 5. Components

Create frequently used components.
(sequential disclosure)

LV 6. Patterns

Create frequently used patterns.
(sequential disclosure)


Jongmin Park Designer

From a rooftop room designer who was behind in monthly rent to the head of design of a super rookie startup

16 years of experience, 10 products, 5 services, entrepreneurship, companies with less than 5 people, companies with less than 10 people, companies with more than 200 people, coached team members as a team leader, and coached countless people through design compass activities. .

  • Current) Healing Paper (Gangnam Sister) Head of Design 2022~
  • Present) Founder of Design Compass 2008~
  • F) My Real Trip Design Leader, Product Designer 2018~2022
  • F) Our Dining Table UI/UX Designer 2016~2018
  • F) Lineable UI/UX Designer, Brand Designer 2014~2016
  • F) Freelance Web Designer 2007~2014
  • F) Hongik University Visual Design 2006~2014

A special gift for students

It is a library of 490+ icons that can be used right away on the web and in apps.

We set Pixel Perfection so that it can be seen clearly on any digital device. This is a 24pt grid based icon library used in an 8pt grid based layout. To give a solid yet elegant and soft impression, a 2pt thickness with rounded ends and bends were applied. Border Position is a mixture of Center and Inner depending on the situation.

reason for making the course

Even today, I couldn't explain why this design is good, and I couldn't convince myself.

Somehow I think this design is better, but it's hard to explain. It's hard to convince because you can't explain the reason and logic. No, before I convince others, I am confused about what is good and why.

You have to convince so many people in the field where you have to make results quickly. It is not enough to follow good tips to create a UI that is good enough to be chosen by the market. Understand the essence of UI and create your own design logic to convince your colleagues and make an impact.

The fast-changing design scene

As the designer's role has become more important, the required role has also diversified. It requires a variety of skills, from design tools such as Photoshop, Sketch, and Figma to understanding customers and solving problems with products.

I am busy learning what I lack, but the world changes faster than I learn. It's getting harder and harder to learn a skill and write for a long time.

Build a solid pillar and don't shake

If you understand the essence and build your own pillars, you can flexibly adapt to any changes.

I have been exploring design principles and gathering various information since the days when there was no place to learn UI/UX. In this way, I have built my own design language and have made a design impact by firmly adding new knowledge.

With the hope that many people will be able to create better designs in any changing environment in the future, I prepared the class the same way I learned design.


LV1 User Interface

  • History, how has the way of using tools changed?
  • The body, a human tool that will never change
  • Tools, what can be grasped and what cannot be grasped
  • LV1 Test
  • LV1 Practice

Graphics for LV2 good UI

LV3 Composition for good UI

LV4 Interaction for Good UI

LV5 Components for good UI

special present


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2 months ago
Opportunity to attend: After following Design Compass’s social media, where industry issues are constantly posted, an article talking about how it was before it grew to the present level (https://designcompass.org/2023/01/25/to-the- While I was deeply impressed by star/), the UI design class was released, and I have faith as much as I have watched, so I want to listen to this person's lecture at least once! I wanted to learn! I decided to take the course.

Course Duration: I completed the course in about a month and a half by taking advantage of my spare time such as lunch break, after work, and holidays.

Class impressions: • Surprisingly, I was proud to hear that I was the first graduate. Haha It was even better because I was able to receive a certificate of completion. •• I was able to correct the concept of things that I had designed without being informed by schools or companies, and things that were difficult to determine whether they were good or bad designs. I learned new things I didn't know, and I was sure about things I already knew. ••• Because it was an image & text lecture, it was easy to review. In video lectures, I think it is difficult to find out how many times, how many minutes, and how many seconds the contents you want to review appeared. •••• I was able to clearly incorporate theoretical knowledge through tests and practices for each level, and it was nice to be able to recheck the answers and feedback I submitted at any time. ••••• Feedback was professional, logical, and fast. I think the great advantage of this lecture is that communication with the creator is smooth.

In conclusion, if you are a junior designer who still has doubts about your design, it would be great if you take the course within the discount period (-8.31). I think it serves as a good guideline for future design directions.​
Pay once for unlimited classes, now is the lowest price
480,000 640,000
12-month interest-free installments
KRW 40,000 per month
Lowest price now, pay once and keep it for life
  • Prerequisite: Figma Tool Basics
  • Recommended study period: 4-6 weeks (5 hours per week)
Write a review and get up to 50,000 won back
Until October 31st
Total refund of 20,000 won
  • Listen to the class and leave a 300+ word review.
Total refund of 50,000 won
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  • https://designcompass.org/courses/ui-design/
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