design studio

We have gathered together designers and design studios mainly active in Korea.
We've gathered a collection of places that have created designs that leave a deep impression with outstanding, individual expression.


Founded by typographer Ahn Sang-su on February 8, 1985, Ahn Graphics specializes in graphic and identity design, publishing, and design with the spirit of ‘intelligence and creativity.’


Daylight was started 10 years ago by a small group of design leaders who bonded in design school. Their reunion took place out of a collective reckoning.


Triangle-Studio is an art and graphic design company focusing on branding, editing, and illustration. We propose the design that the brand dreams of based on rational strategy and emotional harmony.


We are the people who create brands. We specialize in brand startups, understand corporate philosophy and business on the same lines as entrepreneurs, and develop brand strategies based on

Plus X

In 2010, PlusX started by integrating brand experiences. Integrate dispersed brand experience elements and apply them both online and offline.


Younggyu Yoo, founder and creative director of Cloud & Co., has accumulated diverse design experience and successful results over 20 years. As Creative Director at Microsoft