UI Design Challenge: Building Your Design Muscles

Build your design muscle and get discount coupons. 

Just as your record gradually improves if you exercise every day, you need to practice a little bit every day to improve your design skills. I designed this challenge the way I studied design. Anyone who is not yet familiar with design can participate.

gift for challengers

Rather than a refund structure that helps you grow the more you give up, we aim for a structure that helps each other as you work harder. As much as it is a tough challenge, we will give you a 30,000 won discount coupon for the Design Compass Academy that will help you grow in the future.

How to participate

1.UI design

  • Design your UI based on topics presented every day. Make it a square image of at least 1600px.

2. Share on SNS

  •  Please include the tags @designcompass # Design Compass # Design Challenge #designcompass #uichallenge.
  • (Optional) It would be a good idea to also leave a comment about your intention in designing the UI.

3. Submit your assignment

  • Submit the image and the social media URL you shared it with.
  • Please submit a png image of 2MB or less and the URL you shared in the challenge details.
  • (You can submit images and URLs on the curriculum details page below.)

4. Share in KakaoTalk room

  • Please share the SNS link in the open KakaoTalk room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Is there a format that must be followed when designing UI?

We do not include smartphone devices as much as possible so that we can focus on the UI itself. It is recommended that one screen contain one or two screens.

Q. Are only Instagram posts recognized?

The form of SNS posting, reel, etc. is not very important. It doesn't matter as long as the UI you created is fully visible and you can introduce your UI to others through a public account.

Q. When is the submission deadline?

You do not have to complete it on the same day. You can submit it over the weekend or by midnight on the last day of the challenge. However, when sharing on SNS, you must upload it separately by challenge to be recognized.

hall of fame



KakaoTalk open chat room

  • This is a KakaoTalk open chat room link.

first week

second week

third week

valuable review

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3 Ratings
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4 weeks ago
It was fun for 15 days
2 months ago
It was fun to create and share UI with many people through the Design Compass Challenge. I would never have been able to do it alone, but it was nice to be able to forcibly (?) create various UIs this time. It was fun to see various outputs with the suggested conditions, and I was able to look back on myself while looking at other people's UIs and thinking about what I couldn't catch or what I lacked. In the process, I was definitely motivated, and I was able to finish the 15-day challenge well to the end.
However, it was disappointing that the applicant's email address in the Notion link sent from the open chat was exposed as it was.😔 If the challenge goes on again (!!), it would be nice to supplement it next time.
I completed the journey of creating a new UI every day for 15 days. I was able to learn many things in the process, but the biggest thing is the sense of accomplishment of succeeding in the challenge. (Of course, the 30,000 won coupon is also good)
My personal regret about the challenge is 'lack of things to think about'. I wonder if we could learn more from each other if we shared the 'why' along with the UI image. A good looking UI is basic, and it has to have the power of persuasion.
Free access this course
  • Prerequisite: Figma Tool Basics
  • Study period: 3 weeks
  • Course Period: Seasonal (Monthly)

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