Figma Graphic Design for Beginners

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It's a really simple design, how long do we have to wait?

“Do you have the original file? Please try again with ai.”

“Logo file in PDF, not JPG, please!”

As a designer, I've often found that collaborating with colleagues can be much more effective if you understand a little bit about design.  Unfortunately, I often saw sites where people worked inefficiently because they didn't know how to do this. 

If you design it yourself, it can be completed in 5 minutes, but sometimes it takes at least 1-2 hours to ask if there are resources, communicate what design you want to make, ask how long it will be possible, and check the result.

We created this class so that both the requester and the requester can spend less time wasted and focus on more important issues.

It's good to hear from people like this.

  • Those who have heard of Figma for the first time
  • For those of you who don't know what you can make with figma
  • The designer gave me a URL, but I don't know how to use it

Why should I learn Figma?

It is a fast and extensible design tool that is free to use. Designers all over the world use this.

 🌝 Easy to use for anyone.

  • You can create images for free.
  • You don't need to install any programs.
  • It can be used on both Mac and Windows.
  • It is automatically saved in the cloud so you don't have to worry about losing files.

1️⃣ You can create various designs with one tool.

  • Easily create PNG, JPG, and SVG files.
  • It is easy to produce various online/offline images required by the company.

🏟 A lot of people write.

  • A variety of templates are easy to obtain.
  • Various plugins are continuously developed.
  • There are many different learning materials.

🙏 Collaboration is comfortable.

  • The comment function makes it easy to exchange opinions about designs.
  • You can share your work based on a web link.
  • You can do almost any image work with one tool.

Characteristics of the river

Learn only what you need to work

Don't try to learn all the skills that are outdated or not widely used, or things you don't really need to know.

Quickly view only the desired part with separated images

Instead of scrolling through the timeline to find the one you want to hear in the whole video and watch it from start to finish, quickly scan and focus on just what you need.

Learn from real-world experts

Growing from a rooftop room designer who was behind in monthly rent to a head of design for a super rookie startup, he studied design for 2 hours every day for 10 years and learned from an expert who organized it.

What do you learn?

You will learn three major things to become familiar with design. First of all, you will learn by dividing into Design for overall understanding of design, Figma to follow the basics to adapt to a tool called Figma, and Graphic to familiarize yourself with design tools and results while creating actual graphic design results.

how do you learn

Follow the tutorials organized in short videos and text (Mimic), and actually create a design that can be used in the field. (practice)

1. Learn – Learn while following with short videos

When learning new information, it is easier to grasp the whole and dig into the parts. This is the most useful form when I was studying design. Rather than a linear structure such as video or audio that needs to be heard from start to finish, it is composed of images and text that allow you to quickly scan through and focus on what you need.

2. Practice – Making things that are used in the field

It really isn't mine until I use the knowledge for a purpose. If you know how the principles actually work, now you need to practice acting in situations where you have to answer something or create a result. 

Practice focusing on situations and problems that can often be encountered in practice. Answer a question or create a UI with Figma and explain why you made it that way. When you submit your assignment, you will receive an instructor's evaluation and feedback.

After listening to the lecture

Become friends with Figma

Get to know Figma, a graphic tool that can be said to be the hands and feet of a designer.

Become familiar with design

After getting used to the hands and feet of figma, you will know what process the design goes through.

get acquainted with the image

You can create or edit your own images using Figma when you have the moment you need it.


Jongmin Park Designer

From a rooftop room designer who was behind in monthly rent to the head of design of a super rookie startup

15 years of experience, 10 products, 5 services, entrepreneurship, companies with less than 5 people, companies with less than 10 people, companies with more than 200 people, coached team members as a team leader, and coached countless people through design compass activities. .

  • Current) Healing Paper (Gangnam Sister) Head of Design 2022~
  • Present) Founder of Design Compass 2008~
  • F) My Real Trip Design Leader, Product Designer 2018~2022
  • F) Our Dining Table UI/UX Designer 2016~2018
  • F) Lineable UI/UX Designer, Brand Designer 2014~2016
  • F) Freelance Web Designer 2007~2014
  • F) Hongik University Visual Design 2006~2014


get started

  • Figma, the best tool for beginners
  • graphic design we make
  • The image files we will be dealing with

Dealing with Figma

learn while making

special present


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10 months ago
I wasn't a design major, but I had to design for business while running a brand.
I listened to the lecture because the figma tool was recommended by people around me.

It was helpful because it was not just a lecture using tools, but mainly focused on what I wanted to create.
This is not a lecture where you have to watch the entire video from start to finish.
It was nice to be able to quickly see what I needed and listen to what I needed first, saving a lot of time.
10 months ago
What's good: It seems like you've learned how to handle graphic tools, rather than simply using the Figma tool. I was very impressed that you compared the process of visualizing ideas to cooking. In the introduction, it was good to remind you of the concept of an extension and comparing different tools in order to understand materials and tools before dealing with tools.
What was disappointing: I think it would be suitable for those who are new to graphic tools. As a practitioner, I am thirsty for a more professional curriculum. Personally, the new and difficult concept was 'Frame' when I moved to Figma after using XD.
10 months ago
Figma is a familiar yet unfamiliar tool to many people. These days, when everyone designs, it seems difficult to see it as a designer's tool. However, it seems that there have been few lectures on how to use it in any situation and why this tool is so hot from the point of view of non-majors/non-designers. Especially in the startup industry, you have to design from interns to CEOs. From figma's practical information to basic design words and concepts, everything you need for beginners is carefully prepared. Since the examples for each program are also practical (e.g. logo creation / banner creation by size, etc.), it would be good to apply them right away. Overall, this is a class that coolly scratches the itchiness of those who are just starting out and gives a great start to the first button! suggestion!

A special gift for students

It is a library of 490+ icons that can be used right away on the web and in apps.

We set Pixel Perfection so that it can be seen clearly on any digital device. This is a 24pt grid based icon library used in an 8pt grid based layout. To give a solid yet elegant and soft impression, a 2pt thickness with rounded ends and bends were applied. Border Position is a mixture of Center and Inner depending on the situation.

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  • Based on the date of request for refund
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    : No refund after 1/2 of course start
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